Northern Micro – Dell

Northern Micro has been a pivotal player in Canada’s digital landscape since its establishment in 1985.

In 2018, Northern Micro and DELL approached me to collaborate on enhancing their online presence. Their objective was clear: to create a visually appealing landing page and accompanying social media graphics that would effectively showcase their latest cloud-based products.

In collaboration with the Northern Micro team, we undertook the task of conceptualizing and crafting a sleek one-page website. This website was then developed into a custom-built WordPress theme, granting them the freedom to seamlessly update content while preserving the integrity of the design and layout.

Additionally, we crafted a series of animated social media graphics designed to attract attention and direct traffic to the new landing page.

Our collaborative efforts aimed at refining Northern Micro and DELL’s digital presence have significantly contributed to their position as leaders in the realm of cloud-based solutions, fostering stronger connections with potential clients.